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Food Find: Tropicana Sparkling Time

Food Find: Tropicana Sparkling Time

Found on November 19th, 2012 in a Saitama Shinsen Ichiba

It’s like wine or champagne, only not. It’s a non-alcoholic soda in a classy plastic bottle to give you the feeling of sipping champagne on your lunch break! Found this new product recently stocked on the local grocery store shelves. Tropicana Sparkling Time! Doesn’t that just sound Japanese? The website’s invitation to “Let’s Fun Party!” is also pretty damn Japanese of them. I can’t tell if it’s a close product to Tropicana Sparkling or not. Or, Tropicana Spirit. If I was a different kind of person I’d love this around Christmas and New Years. For now, though, I’ll take real champagne and red wine. Thanks for the gesture, Tropicana.

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2 thoughts on “Food Find: Tropicana Sparkling Time

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