Lunch Break

School Lunch for November 21st, 2012

Potato broccoli cream soup, soy bean croquette, bread, and apple slice

Served on November 20th, 2012 in a Saitama elementary school

Lunch guide

Lunch guide

Today’s lunch was delicious! Delicious I say! For the first time in weeks I ate everything served to me and was the first person at my table to finish my meal. I’m starting to get a reputation at this school, I think. I’m that girl who doesn’t like fish. When I walked into the teacher’s room after class and saw this non-fishy plate my eyes lit up. The English-fluent school secretary informed me that today’s meal theme was “Western” food. And, indeed, everything served was a Japanese person’s idea of “Western” food. Apples are so American. Potato soup is so Western. Croquettes are so European. Etc, etc. Whatever. Your passing attempt at mimicking the food of my lands pleases me. More, onegaishimasu.

My view

My view

But, I was mostly left to eat alone in peace. My class of 6th graders for today’s lunch made sad companions as mere moments before lunch started, the teacher handed back their graded kanji tests. It was brutal for some. This kid spent his entire lunch with his nose buried in a practice sheet trying to figure out where he went wrong to end up with a 70% on his test. The two girls who sit near him, like most 12 year old girls, are bigger than him because of puberty’s sense of humor. They intimidated and prodded him in a friendly way until he gave up his test score and then they helped him iron out a strategy for next time. I knew all of three kanji on that test so I can’t judge. Good luck, kid.

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