Lunch Break

School Lunch for November 20th, 2012

Fried chicken, egg drop soup, mandarin orange, and bread

Served on October 30th, 2012 in a Saitama elementary school

Tea, tea, and tea

Tea, tea, and tea

I was sick this day. And, it was unfortunate. More so than usual, everyone felt bad for me. There’s really no germ breeding place quite like a building full of hundreds of children who serve each other food, play in the dirt together, and are the sole individuals responsible for cleaning the communal spaces. I guess my sick misery showed because the school’s head teacher made me milk tea at the same time the old teacher who shares a desk space with me brought me green tea to supplement the black tea I’d already brewed myself. I had plenty of fluids to fuel my recovery, thank you.

Through some twist of bad luck I ended up not seeing the head English teacher’s class for two weeks in October. The moment I walked back into that classroom I was experiencing the height of my cold symptoms  I was a wreck and talking like Porky Pig. It worked out, though. They had me at the start of the week first thing in the morning last year so they’re used to me being just a little bit out of it. Still, somewhat sleepy isn’t the same as sneezy and hoarse on DayQuil with an inability to finish a sentence in Japanese.



I had lunch with them after their lesson. They were indeed cool and comfortable with my cold induced slight idiocy. We chatted and they showed off their artwork. I love this teacher’s display method. He pins the art in a quilt-like way and hangs it from the ceiling so you walk through a curtain of child artwork each time you enter the class. It sways in the breeze on a good day with the windows open. Some of the kids draw from strange inspiration, though.

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