Lunch Break

School Lunch for November 6th, 2012

Hamburg steak and potatoes

Served on November 6th, 2012 in a Saitama elementary school

It was a quiet day.

The 6th graders took the day in Nikko. It’s a day long field trip that all the schools take the kids on in the fall. Most of the field trip is hiking through the hills and viewing the gorgeous fall leaves. Well, that’s how it usually goes. It chose today to rain. Hard. All day! And they still went. Poor kids. But, as a result I had next to no classes. My entire morning ended up consisting of a single 5th grade class. And, I got them for lunch.

This school’s 5th grade is usually all over the place. Last year I spent entire lessons with them cheerily screaming at the top of my lungs to get them to play vocabulary games. But 5-1 was taken over by the strict, old man teacher this year. They’re a good group, now. Still, you can’t kill that spirit.

I ended up being seated with the munchkin I call The Karate Kid in my head as he attends a karate class in the community center across the hall from my old Japanese class on Wednesdays. He can’t focus in class to save his life. But, he’s all kinds of fun. This month, he’s become besties with the kid who sits in front of him in class. The two have formed a comedy duo. They spent the whole lunch conversing with me in their new straight man/fool style. Karate Kid would say or ask something absurd and Straight Guy would translated it into broken English or simple Japanese. It was a nice departure.

Karate Kid, having seen me many times outside class, also feels comfortable enough that he asked about my boyfriend today. And, he helped himself to my smartphone – much to the displeasure of his peers. He leaned into me after the third kid sassed him for playing Nameko Saibai Kit/Mushroom Garden and said, “It’s not just the teacher that is strict in this class, am I right?” Can’t a little guy have a little fun? Also, the kid in the far corner has taken up card tricks. He’s only got the on so far, but he’s getting there.

He ended up wasting time and having to eat his lunch entirely in about two minutes flat. He was able to pull it off, but he teased me about how quickly I’d downed most of mine. It wasn’t THAT hard. After all, the buns and the hamburg steak make a perfect hamburger. I even tossed a few parsley coated mashed potatoes into the mix. I skipped out on the second bun and half the soup, though. I’m big enough without all that grain!

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One thought on “School Lunch for November 6th, 2012

  1. The Hamburg steak looks tasty!

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