Lunch Break

School Lunch for October 18th, 2012

Soy, tofu, tofu, and fish

Served on October 15th, 2012 in a Saitama elementary school

They forgot me today. It was the first time this semester, though it was bound to happen eventually. For some reason I’m not asked to go of my own volition to any classroom ever. I must wait for the class representatives to come to the teacher’s office, pick me up, and escort me to the classroom personally. Often this means I wait as much as 20 minutes, watching my food grow cold, for these particular students to get their act together and show. I’m willing to just go on my own, but it isn’t done. It’s odd. Today, even though I reminded the teacher an hour earlier, I was forgotten. Everyone sat down to lunch and started to eat without me. (Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame them, I blame the silly system.) As a result, I had about 10 minutes to finish my plate. After looking at this particular plate for 20 minutes, I chose not to.



This meal made me laugh. The salad thing with the black bits includes the sea vegetable hijiki, soy beans, and fried tofu. Two soys right there. Then, there’s the miso soup with tofu cubes. The cold fish covered in mystery sauce didn’t appeal so I ended up eating mostly soy, tofu, and tofu. Healthy, maybe? Right? It was a very Japanese meal and a very, very cheap meal. Everything on the plate is as inexpensive as it can get and none of it was popular. Usually there’s at least one item that the athletic kids want to down all of each meal. Not this meal. When I went to pour my leftovers back into the serving dishes at the end of the meal, a half dozen or more kids had already done the same. There was still soup and plenty of hijiki salad left in the dishes, too. Even in Japan school lunch can be a miss to the kids it’s intended for.

The kids were weirdly into Rock, Paper, Scissors today. Few wanted to chat at lunch, all wanted some jyanken. There was one girl, though, who couldn’t stop. The biggest AKB48 fan in the country is in this class and she was quizzing me about all sorts of AKB48 things I know nothing about. She was telling me about her poster collection. Holy crap. Money has been made here, let me tell you. I kind of want to see her get in the group, but she’s a little nerdy. She’d need a Disney movie makeover before her audition.

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