Lunch Break

School Lunch for October 17th, 2012

Pork and beans with jyako salad

Served on October 11th, 2012 in a Saitama elementary school

School “pork and beans” is actually a damn fantastic meal. The beans are soybeans and the pork is just slices of cheap pork but it really comes together somehow. Normally, I’d pour back a bit of whatever was in the soup bowl and eat the vegetables, but I finish that damn pork and beans bowl faster than the kids every time. Today was no exception. Ironically, I’d just taught the kids the word “fat” in class that day. Hm.

Calorie count

Calorie count

The “salad” was a different story. I just absolutely hate jyako. There’s nothing you can do to get me to like them. They’re such a deceptive food. From a distance they look like noodles, but then you get close and see an entire fishy body with little dead eyes staring up at you. I took one look at today’s jyako salad and made a face so disgusted that the cleaning lady stopped what she was doing and asked if I was ok. I muttered something about those fishy faces and she immediately grabbed my plate and dumped the little fishes into the sink. Apparently, I’m not the only ALT who doesn’t like food with a face. At her last school, the Filipina ALT there also didn’t want to eat anything that could look her in the eye. I was so thankful! She smiled and said the kids would never notice so it wasn’t a big deal. I did end up leaving half the bread and part of the salad behind, though, as this day’s lunch was huge. Even the child portion clocked in at well over 600 calories. For a short girl in her late 20’s with little chance for exercise outside of the bike ride home, that’s too much. Goodness knows what the massive haul on my plate was calorie wise! I’ve put on 10lbs since I came to this district. This is why.

Mickey mug and ice cream

Mickey mug and ice cream

Today was another round of visitors, so the cleaning lady gave me leftovers once again. This time, it was ice cream rounds on a silver plate. She also has assigned me a new mug: Micky’s hand. She unwrapped it this morning. I don’t know if she bought it herself or not but I was touched that she saw fit to assign me a mug. I bring my own tea in a thermos but that just won’t do. I dutifully finish every glass of tea she sets before me.

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