Lunch Break

School Lunch for October 9th, 2012

Creamy Cashew Chicken and Mystery Vegetable Soup with Chocolate Spread and Bread

Served on October 9th, 2012 in Saitama

October 9th, 2012 Lunch Guide

Serving Guide for October 9th, 2012

Today’s lunch was new. I’ve had cashew chicken several times before, but never a “creamy” variety. It wasn’t half bad. I had twice the portion of the kids, as usual, and had no problem finishing this particular meat dish. The soup was another story. Today’s soup was mozuku soup and it was not pleasant. Mozuku is a type of edible seaweed and I’m not a fan. Luckily, today’s side dish was chocolate bread and today’s dessert was an orange. Yes, I was informed yet again by the children that I was doing it wrong when I ate the fruit before the chocolate covered bread. Fruit is always dessert and always last, duh! Silly teacher. But the girls at my table and I bonded over our joy at having a chocolate item for lunch. Chocolate! In school!

Today’s conversation was adorable, too. The short little girl who always sits in the front row of her 6th grade class and fidgets had to ask her seat mate to help her get up the courage to ask me where I was from. I told them all I’m an American on the first day of class last year but she just couldn’t remember and was deathly afraid of the faux pas she was committing. It’s ok, little girl. I don’t remember your name. We’re even. She also pressed me on the crime of having a boyfriend with no marriage plans in the works. Japanese little girls have a lot in common with grandmas.

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One thought on “School Lunch for October 9th, 2012

  1. Karasuma Akane on said:

    I still can’t think of a fruit as a dessert… Well, unless it has something else with it like ice cream or cake. x3

    Geez, attention little Japanese girls! boyfriend =/= marriage!

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