Lunch Break

Real Bentos of Real Japanese Kids

Eaten by 5th graders on October 5th, 2012 in Tokyo

On Friday, one of my three contracted elementary schools had a field trip. It wasn’t a science field trip or a civics field trip, though. It was a Nakayoshi field trip to the local park to play, meant to foster relations between the grades. The entire school, about 300 kids, went.

It was very well organized. The older kids were made the heads of teams of around 7 or 8 of their peers and underclassmen. Each older kid took this job very, very seriously. During the 40 minute walk to the park, the older kids held the hands of the first and second graders – sometimes offering them piggy back rides and holding their backpacks. The morning session was a group exploration of the park with a stamp rally as the excuse. After that was lunch. Each group found a bit of shade and laid out their anime character themed tarps, busted out their character themed handkerchief satchels, and opened up their brightly colored bento boxes for lunch.

Normally, school lunch is mandatory. Everyone eats the school provided lunch on normal days. Today was a rare opportunity for the kids to show off their cute bento gear and their mothers’ chance to show off their bento making skills. I was impressed and managed to get a few shots of the lunches around me. Have a look.

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