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Food Find: Lipton’s Summer 2012 Flavors

Found in Tokyo on August 27th, 2012

It looks like the last of the Lipton special summer only teas is in wide distribution in the Tokyo area. I’m a little sad last year’s Zero Calorie Peach Tea didn’t return this summer. Regular Peach Tea is as bad for you as a Coke! The new flavors are picked for summer, but Chamomile & Citrus is a bit too sweet for 90+ degrees. Tea & Lemonade 50/50, however, is perfect for the hot weather. Despite loving Lipton Milk Tea to an obsessive level, I haven’t had the courage to try Roast Milk Tea. It’s marketed too much like a cafe latte. It even plays up how “bitter” it is on the packaging. I’ll pass.

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